Wear That Space

a-look-inside-designer-sasha-birkoffs-new-york-city-apartmen-stunning-eclectic-design (ABOVE) The area rug stands out against the white walls, it’s a very inviting piece that makes a powerful statement in the dining room area. The two white armchairs are standouts based on their design. Though the color blends into the walls, the shape makes it a ‘wow’ piece!

Happy August 1, 2014 readers! I can’t believe summer is almost coming to an end. For today’s ‘Wear that Space‘ post, I choose the phenomenally beautiful home of Sasha Bikoff, located in Tribeca, NYC. What I love about Bikoff’s home is the balance of color and simplicity. It’s a home of standout pieces and great energy. One of my favorite spaces in the home is the dining room area. Walking into Bikoff’s dining room you’re greeted by two vintage chairs, and a mint Persian rug. This collection of styles creates such a unique experience.

What makes this home such a perfect ‘Wear that Space’ space is that we do the same thing when putting an outfit together. For example, you put on a great mint blouse and skinny white jeans, and decide to add a bit of fun to the look and put on some beaded sandals. Every outfit needs it’s basic pieces, but it also needs colorful, fun, standout pieces. If everything is too loud, a piece can ‘disappear’, with the right balance, each piece is a star. What do you think of the space? Do you like the fashion picks?

a-look-inside-designer-sasha-birkoffs-new-york-city-apartmen-stunning-eclectic-design (ABOVE) If you’re not the biggest fan of color in large amounts, but still want a standout space, then you are looking at it. Here the armchairs, coffee table, and additional pieces, are so unique that even though the walls are white, each piece still has a voice. The fuchsia pillows liven the couch and draw your eye.

a-look-inside-designer-sasha-birkoffs-new-york-city-apartmen-stunning-eclectic-design (ABOVE) I believe that each space needs some ‘jewelry‘. In the dining area the bar cart is that piece. It reflects light off it’s mirrored legs and atop the table, crystal glasses and some good ‘ole drinks are displayed. What a pretty piece and display!

a-look-inside-designer-sasha-birkoffs-new-york-city-apartmen-stunning-eclectic-design (ABOVE) The dining room table is far less pretty that the bar cart and much more plain. This works well, because it balances the other pieces in the space. The table is streamlined and solid, while the chair legs add some interest and the chairs themselves keep it simple.

a-look-inside-designer-sasha-birkoffs-new-york-city-apartmen-stunning-eclectic-design (ABOVE) The bedroom is all about pretty. The pink walls, dreamy bedding, and flirty accessories are standouts. To balance this theme, Bikoff choose black furnishings. Again, creating the perfect balance!

a-look-inside-designer-sasha-birkoffs-new-york-city-apartmen-stunning-eclectic-design (ABOVE) A close up of the bedside table.

a-look-inside-designer-sasha-birkoffs-new-york-city-apartmen-stunning-eclectic-design (ABOVE) Bikoff’s closet is very much like her home. There are both simple and powerful pieces here. I love the heels on the lounge chair. They sort of reminded me of a romper I featured on the blog!

a-look-inside-designer-sasha-birkoffs-new-york-city-apartmen-stunning-eclectic-design (ABOVE) Personally I love white, simple bathrooms. The bathroom needs to be a blank canvas for when I come in and try on my looks. In addition, I like a simple bathroom as it’s just easier to unwind in and take a shower or even a bath after a long day. This bracelet is the bathroom if you could ‘wear it’.

(Photography via Sasha Bikoff)


Dress: Topshop | Sandals: Stuart Weitzman | Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff | Necklace: J.Crew | Sunglasses: Wildfox | Bracelet: Jules Smith | Blouse: T by Alexander Wang | Jeans: Current/ Elliott | Sandals: Star Mela | Hobo: Vince Camuto | Flip Flops: Kate Spade New York | Necklace: Lulu Frost | Skirt: Topshop | Earrings: Samantha Willis

  • Lara Clinton

    That closet has me drooling. Love this eclectic style — it’s hard to get mismatched to look so right!

  • CindyAiton

    I could live in that closet! *swoon*

  • Hshamim

    I live that double sink bathroom which could be helpful in my busy household.

  • brandedbabe

    I saw a glimpse into my future when i saw the house decorated above. Now if only i could convince my boyfriend that pink walls would be a great idea…

  • Katy T

    This is so inspiring! I especially love the Asian inspired chest of drawers and bed.

  • Amanda

    I absolutely love interior design! Everything in your post is gorgeous, I’m also loving how I can steal some designs and tips for my own future home hehe

  • Kristina

    i love the bedroom designer and the closet! I want them!!