Travel In Style To Thailand

TRAVEL-IN-STYLE-TO-THAILAND-BLOG-ABOUT-DESIGN (ABOVE) The Peninsula Bangkok hotel is one of the best places you can stay when visiting the city. The hotel is definitely a five-star experience. This photograph is a dream. Just picture yourself experiencing the pool and the views of the city. The hotel’s design is very old world meets modern.

Pack your bags, we’re going to Thailand! Thailand has to be one of the most incredible countries in the world. Its white sand beaches, clear blue water, bustling cities, incredible food, architecture, and culture; make Thailand a phenomenal place to experience what Asia has to offer. Looking through photographs of Thailand literally transported me to the country. The photographs of Thailand’s temples were impressive. The shear details and craftsmanship of these temples is bar none. If you’re going to Thailand not for the temples, but for the beaches you won’t be disappointed. The water is clear blue, and you can walk far out into the ocean and the water will only come up to your waist (within reason)! Foodies, be warned! Thai cuisine is rich in spices and very aromatic. Thai cuisine isn’t about simplicity, but rather about juggling different flavors and bringing them together in perfect harmony.

Thailand is a country rich in history and culture. If you’re going to Thailand expect the unexpected and allow yourself to try something new. Whether it be experiencing a unique dish or exploring a temple or cave, Thailand is your gateway to the Asian continent. What do you think of Thailand? Have you been here before? Let me know in the comments. I love hearing from you!

BLOG-ABOUT-DESIGN-THAILAND-OCEAN (ABOVE)  Koh Lipe, is a small island off the main coast of Thailand. It’s well known for it’s white sand beaches and clear blue water. On Koh Lipe you can snorkel, eat great food, and most important of all–relax.

BLOG-ABOUT-DESIGN-THAILAND-MAXI-FASHION-OCEAN (ABOVE) When in Thailand a Maxi dress is a must. It’s the perfect chic, comfortable piece. Wear a maxi over a bathing suit, or wear it to dinner. I love the open back. Get a maxi here:

BLOG-ABOUT-DESIGN-POOL-THAILAND (ABOVE) This pool area is incredible. It’s both lush and private. I really like the pagoda area adjacent the pool. It keeps in line with the classic architecture in Thailand, but still feels contemporary.

THAILAND-BLOG-ABOUT-DESIGN-FOOD (ABOVE) Food is a huge part of the Thai culture. Food in Thailand is full of spices. Thai food pushes the envelope with different elements and flavors that come together in perfect harmony.

BLOG-ABOUT-DESIGN-THAILAND-BANGKOK (ABOVE) The Wat Phra Kaew is an 18th century Buddhist temple. It’s widely regarded as the most sacred temple in Thailand. I’m so impressed by the details of the temple.

Thailand-BLOG-ABOUT-DESIGN (ABOVE) The streets of Bangkok are hustling and bustling with activity.

BLOG-ABOUT-DESIGN-BANGKOK-THAILAND (ABOVE) The Wat Arun was founded before 1656 BE. It’s often personified as the radiations of the sun. The temple is one of Thailand’s best known sites. Isn’t it beautiful?

BLOG-ABOUT-DESIGN-Mandalay-Residence-Mandarin-Oriental-Dhara-Dhevi-Chiang-Mai-Thailand (ABOVE) The Mandarin Oriental is a stunning 60 acre hotel that captures the beauty of Thailand. The hotel’s architecture pays homage to old world Thailand architecture and new. The property is full of lush gardens and beautiful pools.

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    I’m in LOVE with your blog! What a great post. I need to visit Thailand now :)

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    Wow what an amazing trip!!! Great blog.
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    Some of the most beautiful picstures I have ever seen!

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    Your pictures are beautiful as is your entire website. Love it, way to keep design in mind!

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    Thailand is beautiful! Love the pictures.

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    Thailand is one of my top ‘MUST-GO-TO’ places. Thank you for sharing! Beautiful!

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      Thanks Sloane. Definitely a Must-go-to place! Let me know what you think of Thailand if you go!

  • Christy DuBois

    The water at Koh Lipe is breath takingly beautiful. The bluest water I have ever experienced was the Carribean at Grand Caymen and Jamaica. I love the beach and water.

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      Thanks for the insight Christy. I’m happy you enjoyed the post.