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MOVING-IN-HAMPTONS (ABOVE) The home is located a short distance to the ocean. You can either take your car, or the better option; a boat! What I find successful about this backyard is the lack of shrubs and elaborate landscaping. When you have a backyard that looks onto Mecox Bay, there is simply no point in having your hydrangeas compete with the view. However, if some shrubs are more your cup of tea, you can find those by the pool.

There are homes for sale, and then there are homes for SALE. I’m talking about those homes that you wish you could just spend the night in or be a fly on the wall in. These types of homes are a dime a dozen and come at a steep price. Sure we can look at homes that are more affordable and still nice, but those don’t make your mind tingle and a bit of hope for the possibilities to take control over you. Let’s start with the Villa Maria, if you have 49 million dollars to spend on a home, you can find a link for the realtor at the bottom of the page. If you don’t or even if you do allow me to take you on a bit of a dream tour. The home is currently being sold by legendary designer Vince Camuto. Camuto is a fashion designer of his own label as well as the cofounder of Nine West. His 7.6 acre Hamptons estate features 11 bedrooms and over 22,000 square feet of interior space. That’s enough space for that gift wrapping room you’ve been praying you’d finally have enough space for! The home was built in 1919, and in 2005 underwent a massive restoration after being converted from a Catholic high school and convent by Andre Tchelistcheff and his talented team of architects. Tchelistcheff and his team wanted to restore the home to its former glory as a private residence, and I think they’ve done it! The home simply screams glamour. It’s a home that stands out, but doesn’t scream garish or gaudy. This success lies in Tchelistcheff respect to the original bones of the home and the idea of being ornate in the homes details, but not too bold or over the top. The result is a perfect balance.  

blog-about-design-Corcoran-villa-maria (ABOVE) This is one of the best shots of the home and its property. From this photograph you can see the shear size of the home, beauty in the architecture and landscaping, and location of where everything on your new property is located. Trust me folks, with over seven acres of land, you should probably invest in a golf trolly. I find the shrubs around the property to be a successful choice, they complement the architecture which is simple, yet detailed.  On a side note, I can’t get over how green this lawn is.

blog-about-design-Corcoran-villa-maria (ABOVE) Off the main house is this two story portico. This large stone terrace looks over a gorgeously landscaped area full of flowers, shrubs, and a fountain. This is the perfect place to bring your morning coffee to and sit back and smell some flowers. Or the perfect place to bring a bottle of your favorite champagne and drink to beauty! From this photograph you can see all the details and unique carvings in the facade.

blog-about-design-villa-maria-john-hummel (ABOVE)  While the previous photograph faced the actual portico, this photograph faces the garden! To the right you enter the garden from the driveway and to the left you enter the pool area. This garden would be a stunning place to take wedding photographs. Striking architecture in the background and delicate flowers in the foreground.

blog-about-design-corcoran-villa-maria (ABOVE) To enter the pool area, you must pass a pool cabana with an iron gate. During the spring months roses can grow along the cabanas facade. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the plantings in front of the facade. Without the plantings, the pool top would have a more clean, polished look. From what I understand the pool was added recently. I guess there were no high school pool parties in the days this property was a Catholic high school.

blog-about-design-villa-maria-sothebys (ABOVE) As beautiful as this pool area is, I feel like something is missing. When I looked at the photographs of the garden and property, there was a ‘wow’ factor and an element of surprise. The pool area is nice, but it doesn’t scream perfection. Perhaps it’s the plantings that are growing in front of the hedges and on the pool cabana that make the area feel cluttered? Or maybe it’s the choice in furniture that speaks more bland and less vintage Italian from the 60s? Are you a fan of the pool area or are you begging for something more?

blog-about-design-corcoran-villa-maria  (ABOVE) When you pass the front gates, a path leads you around the property and to the front entrance. On your drive to the front entrance, you’ll be greeted by this view. Having a path that winds around the property rather than directly to the front entrance, allows you to take in this  A+ view of the home and its impeccable architecture.  With the Hamptons being full of shingle style homes, this home stands out.

blog-about-design-corcoran-villa-maria   (ABOVE) So let’s say you decide to take your boat to the beach rather than take the roads. This will be your view as you approach your boat dock. There are two pros to having Villa Maria sit further back, away from the bay. The first being you have to approach this stunning structure and view it for a bit of time each time you come back from the beach. The second being you have more bay-front property to use for entertaining, or perhaps an addition (hehe)?

blog-about-design-corcoran-villa-maria (ABOVE) Words cannot describe the beauty of this home at night. Viewing this photograph I can’t help but think of the Great Gatsby and the wonderful evening parties you can throw here! Say hello to 1920s flapper dresses, tall champagne glasses, and strands of pearls!

VCamuto-blog-about-design-hamptons (ABOVE) This aerial photograph of the property is the frosting on the cake. Here, you can clearly see it’s location in the Water Mill section of the Hamptons as well as all parts of the property. Yes folks, you have a tennis court! The home is located off a main road, I would have hoped that at 49 million dollars, the home would be in a more private location, however, it does sit further back from the street and is shaded by trees. The trees are year-round, so no need to worry about seeing trucks pass in December. What do you think of the Villa Maria? Would you “Move In”? Keep scrolling to see how I’d partially furnish the Dining Room, Kitchen breakfast nook, Living Room, and Master Bedroom.

(Photography 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10)


1. Wyeth Venini Eight-Tiered Chandelier//2. Summerhill Antiques 1890 Louis XV French Chairs//3. Judy Frankel Mid Century Dining Table//4. Wyeth Warren Platner Dining Chairs//5. Compasso Mangiarotti Marble Dining Table//6. Galleria d’Epoca Barovier e Toso Chandelier//7. DJOHARIAN Tapriz “Seven Hills” Rug//8. Cain Modern Alexander Rudin Three Piece Sofa//9. Cain Modern American of Martinsville Dresser Mid Century Teal Dresser//10. Michael Donaldson Colonial Indo-Portuguese Bed//11. Rearview Modern Kalmar Skyscraper Sconces//12. Morentz Jean Charles Desk 

  • Youremindmeofthebabe

    This article has incredible photography, beautifully put together! I’m moving soon and that Djoharian rug would be perfection in my new apartment.

    • shannon

      Djoharian – yes, one of the most interesting shops for these rugs. We work with them regularly. It would even be better if we had them here in NY than over there in Germany.

  • Joel

    Agreed, the photography in this article is really beautiful, like a mini vacation. Great inspiration, BAD!

  • Summer J.

    Wow I wish I could buy a home in the Hamptons. What a beautiful dream!

  • Deborah Curran

    looking at these homes makes me wish I had money to live like them. gorgeous homes