8 Spaces You Need To See: Part III

blog-about-design-lonny (ABOVE) You need to see the beautiful candle chandelier and living room furnishings in this space. You also need to see the beautiful color palette. This space is not decorated like the typical outdoor patio area. The furnishings are more suitable for a living room as is the candle chandelier. This space feels like the extension of a home.  I love how the greenery pops against the furnishings.

There are three elements every space needs to have: the color white, wood, and pops of color! Whether these elements are incorporated into a space boldly or subtly is up to you. White is clean and fresh and is a great wall color as it’s a base and allows the rest of the space to be more energetic. Wood brings warmth into a space and makes it feel cozy and inviting. Lastly, a pop of color lifts a space is makes it feel more dimensional. I can’t imagine a space without color. Color can be added with a bouquet of flowers, or with a pillow, the possibilities are endless. In addition, the color does not need to be red or pink, it can be more subtle, all I’m saying is no black and white-only rooms! You need to see these 8 spaces because, they incorporate all these important elements in some form. What do you think? Are you a fan of these spaces? You can see more spaces here!

kim-blog-about-design-living-room (ABOVE) You need to see the colors, furnishings, and accessories in this space. The furnishings are vintage and contemporary. My favorite pieces in this space are the chandelier and the area rug. While the chandelier is more formal, the area rug is more bohemian. This mixture of styles creates a very inviting and relaxed space.

blog-about-design-colorful-living-room (ABOVE) You need to see how colors and white works in this space. White is the main color in this space and the brighter colors are brought into the space in small doses.

blog-about-design-eclectic-living-room (ABOVE) You need to see how the furnishings and the different textures are used in this space. The furniture in this space feels very personal. Bringing unique pieces into your home is very important. Your home should feel like you not like someone else or look anyone else’s.

blog-about-design-jonathan-adler-shelter-island-home-01 (ABOVE) You need to see how natural materials play a role in this space. The wood ceiling, potted plants, stone table and stone floors bring nature into the space and the colorful furnishings play on these elements. Overall this space is playful and inviting.

kelly-wearstler-living-room (ABOVE) You need to see the color palette, and use of wood in this Kelly Wearstler space. All the natural elements in this space make it feel very relaxed and inviting. I’m a huge of the how the furnishings work together in this space to create a unique experience.

blog-about-design-CKD_2012Showcase_Med-Res001 (ABOVE) You need to see the desk in this space. This space is a mix of traditional and modern elements. While the desk is simple and sleek, the space itself boasts columns, crown moldings, and drapes. Overall this office serves as a great canvas for all the pretty looking shoes on the shelves.

blog-about-design-kitchen-eclectic (ABOVE) You need to see the wood cabinetry and modern furnishings in this space. This space would be perfect in a modern farmhouse. I love how the bar stools and stone counter tops stand out in this space. The wood cabinetry and ceilings allow the key elements in a kitchen to stand out, like the refrigerator, range, bar stools, and counter tops.

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    Let’s be honest. We all wish our homes were decorated like this. Gorgeous!


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    Love these spaces. The all wood kitchen is to die for!

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    love it!

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  • http://www.ellevox.com/ Lubna

    Wow, these are some inspiring interior photos you’ve got here. The outdoor chandelier sounds a bit strange, but I can imagine at night – it would make quite the remarkable scene. I am huge fan of dark rooms with splashes of bold colors. Thanks for the dose of inspiration! x

    Lubna | ELLE VOX

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      Thanks so much for your comment Lubna. That chandelier would look SO beautiful at night, great point!