8 Spaces You Need To See: Part II

8-spaces-blog-about-design-image (ABOVE) You need to see the yellow arm chairs in this space. The chairs bring a great pop of color in and are the ‘wow’ piece. Just picture the space without them, definitely not the same. What works in this space is the attention to detail. A leaf sculpture on the dining room table, three head sculptures on the dining room console table, and great mix of classic and vintage contemporary chandeliers. The space is the epitome of classic-vintage design.

When I look at a space, I immediately look at the details. Though I like minimal spaces, I’m a huge fan of space’s that have eye candy at every corner. Today’s “8 Spaces You Need to See” is just that. Each space features something unique, and the closer you look at each space the more details you’ll find. A great space is sort of like a rich slice of chocolate cake. The more you eat it, the better it tastes, and the more flavors your tongue savors. Unless you eat the whole cake, but that’s a whole other blog post! I believe each space needs to have a piece that you can’t find anywhere else, and not just your family photographs. Take for example the space above, a large leaf sculpture is hanging out on the dining room table, your not going to find that anywhere. That being said, a space that is put together uniquely can create the same affect. Take for example the second space below, even though this space is minimal in design, the vintage pieces and way the space is put together makes it pop! So, jump right in to today’s post…prepare for the tears of joy!

blog-about-design-David-Howell-Gramercy-Loft (ABOVE) You need to see the different furniture pieces in the space. What makes this space special is that it does not resort to having the standard two sofas and an arm chair. Rather, an armchair one more robust the other more simple, and a chaise lounge. The space is a collection of unique seating and eclectic layout.

blog-about-design-London-Home-Colin-Radcliffe (ABOVE) You need to see the furniture pieces in this space. This space is very minimal, but what makes it a space you need to see is that each piece serves a purpose. There is no piece in this space that is just there to be there. Whether it be the Italian coffee table, or the gold framed artwork; if one were to not be there the space would not be balanced.

blog-about-design-rochelle-gores-fredston-home (ABOVE) You need to see this space, because it’s just frickin awesome! I mean what girl would not want a closet like this? From the Birkin bags, to the colorful dresses, and row of heels, this closet is a dream.

blog-about-design-piscina-pequena-gran (ABOVE) This space is awesome because, it brings the indoors outside. Despite this being an outdoor patio, each piece could easily be placed inside. This gives the space a more relaxed feel, and a more luxurious vibe. If you own a smaller place, and have an outdoor space, using interior-type furnishings outdoors can give the illusion of having a larger place.

blog-about-design-kardashian (ABOVE) You need to see the awesome furnishings and accessories in this space. Any space that has a Tipi in it is my kind of space. The Tipi brings some life into the space and makes this glamorous space feel more chill. The bright pink chaise lounge brings some color into the space and takes the attention away from the black and white striped walls. If you decide to go all out on your walls, and paint horizontal stripes; bring a few solid, brightly colored pieces into the space to draw some of the attention away from the busy walls.

blog-about-design-UNA-CASA-CON-MUCHO-ARTE (ABOVE) You need to see this space, because of the different styles of furniture that are brought in. I see King Louis, retro 60s armchairs, 17th century paintings, and modern dining room chairs. For all those who are skeptical about bringing different styles of furniture into a space, here is the proof that it works. An eclectic design can make a space feel more relaxing, yet not take away a sense of glamour and richness.

blog-about-design-Casilda-Arizon-Madrid-Apartment (ABOVE) The different patterns that are found throughout this space come together and work well. Mixing patterns and prints works well providing that their is at least one consistent color and shape that is found in all the pattern/printed pieces. In this space this circular shapes and reddish color work together. The solid colored pieces ground the space and make it feel less busy. Do you like the space’s? Which space are you happy you saw?

(Photography 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8-Nuevo Estillo)

  • Samantha Westly

    These spaces are incredible. I definitely needed to see them! I LOVE your blog!

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      Thanks so much! I’m so glad you love the blog :)

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      Thanks so much! I’m so glad the post inspired you.

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    I love the mexican inspired pool area !

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    all it looks so beautiful

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    I love the closet space!! Awesome

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  • Emily

    These are gorgeous spaces! I love the third room down from the top.

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      Those blue vintage chairs are the best! Thanks for commenting :)

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    I love the closet and the pink chair!!

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      The closet is definitely amazing! Thanks for stopping by.

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    the last photo is great . well put together. love the textures that are there

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    I could live in that closet! *swoon*

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      The closet would be a pretty sick place to live!

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    Sooo much inspiration for our next house. Just have to get this one sold first.

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      Good luck on the sale! Let me know how the redesign of your new house goes :)

  • Ashley B

    I needed to see this! Writing ideas down for my re-deigning project!

  • Lubka Pavlova

    These spaces are dreamy ones. It is great to see them but unfortunately I am not one who is able to have any of them… I love especially that one with 2 sofas and armchair – and that outside patio with pool. Amazing!